Clarksville Buaas-Martin Local Historic District

The proposed Clarksville Buaas-Martin Local Historic District will encompass all of the Clarksville National Register Historic District as well as Patterson, Theresa, Frances and Augusta Avenues, and the north side of West 6th between Theresa and Augusta, all which are part of the West Line National Register Historic District. 



Clarksville Buaas-Martin
Local Historic District

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To initiate the LHD process, the CCDC hired Alyson McGee. She is a former Deputy Historic Preservation Office for the City of Austin, past president of the Preservation Austin board of directors and currently serves as that organization's board secretary. Alyson conducted a house-by-house survey of all of the structures in the proposed LHD and drafted a preservation plan each of which is a required part of the LHD application.

The survey provides a record of each parcel in the District, including photos, dates of construction, and a determination of whether or not a home is contributing to the historic character of the District.  According to the City of Austin, a contributing property is “any property, structure or object which adds to the historical integrity or architectural qualities that make a historic district significant.” The structure must also be at least 50 years old. 

To find out if your home is "contributing" or "noncontributing," you can either review the historic resources survey for the LHD (The document is organized by street.) or the Clarksville Buaas-Martin spreadsheet

The preservation plan includes a set of proposed design standards specific to the LHD. Property owners will be asked to express their support for the LHD based on their review of the design standards. Also, the design standards will be presented to the Planning Commission and the Historic Landmark Commission for their review and comment and will be included in the zoning ordinance that will be presented to the City Council for adoption.

Once they are approved, the design standards will be legally-enforceable. They will help:

  • Preserve the architectural heritage of the Clarksville Buass-Martin LHD through the retention and preservation of its historic buildings and landscape features.

  • Discourage demolition of buildings that contribute to the District.

  • Guide work on buildings that can be restored to their former contributing appearance.

  • Ensure that alterations to existing buildings are compatible with the character of the structure and the LHD.



Historic resources survey

Check the survey to find out if your home is historically contributing.
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Clarksville Buaas-Martin Spreadsheet

Organized by street.
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Preservation Plan &
Design Standards

Plan to preserve and protect areas of historical and architectural importance.
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Clarksville-BuaAs Martin LHD Application

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Certificate of Appropriateness

Set of standards specific to the LHD. 
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FAQ and Resources

Frequently asked questions. 
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